About Me

Gregory NovalisMy name is Gregory Novalis and I’ve had the pleasure of tutoring students of all ages in mathematics and various other subjects for over 30 years. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Latin from LIU Post, and have also completed graduate courses in Greek, Christian Theology, and other subjects. I am a lifelong bibliophile with a heart for classical and liberal education. In addition to tutoring, I currently work part-time as a freelance technical writer and editor for the aerospace and defense industry.

I have a passion for education in all its forms, and am excited to foster that passion in others, as I am convinced that most students are capable of achieving  so much more than they have ever imagined.

Mathematics (all school levels through college math and calculus) is what I specialize in, but I also thoroughly enjoy engaging the fields of writing, British and American literature, study skills, test preparation, French, Latin, and Greek.

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”
~ Sydney J. Harris